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Swedish Massage

A relaxing, smooth massage, with gliding strokes and rhythmic kneading that utilizes light to medium pressure.
Ideal for stress relief.


Deep Tissue Massage

Penetrating massage aimed at releasing deep muscle spasms, relieving pain and alleviating tension with slow even pressure.
*SPECIAL~Give Cupping A Try: Receive IMPROVED results OVER Deep Tissue Massage and experience the additional benefits of Cupping!



Cupping has been around for centuries and Cupping offers all of the benefits of Deep Tissue Massage and more. Cupping compares to more than 30-minutes of Deep Tissue Massage. Cupping is painless and relaxing, offering many health benefits.


Hot Stone Massage

Smooth rounded Basalt stones are heated and used to work out knots, delivering penetrating heat to tight and sore muscles.
Heated stones are also placed on key points to stimulate energy flow.


Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Smooth 100% Crystal Himalayan Salt stones are heated & used much in the same way as conventional Hot Stone Therapy but the tremendous added benefits offered by the Pure Himalayan Salt Stones & specialized meridian placement transfer inherent energy and 84 minerals through the skin and attaching tissue resulting in many holistic wellness benefits.



Neck & Shoulder

This region is a storehouse for all our stress.
Special techniques can lift burdens and melt tense muscles.


Cranialsacral Therapy

A gentile light-touch method of releasing tension in and around the central nervous system to relieve pain and dysfunction improving whole body health and performance.


Chair Massage

A variety of modified techniques applied to a fully clothed client sitting in a specialized chair.


Hand Massage

A forearm-to-finger massage;
softens and soothes your skin and deep within.


Aromatherapy Foot Bath

A pleasure that is as exquisite as it is therapeutic.
High quality essential oils are used to directly effect the brain, triggering positive psychological responses while awakening the body's healing mechanisms, lifting the spirits.


Foot Massage

Incorporating a knee-to-toe massage;
revitalizes the feet while calming the mind and relieving stress


Warm Paraffin Hand Treatment

A warm Paraffin Wax immersion for the hands; 
Increases circulation, Improves joint mobility, decreases pain.
Leaves the skin feeling warm and sumptuous.


Warm Paraffin Foot Treatment

A warm Paraffin Wax immersion for the feet;
Wakes up blood flow, effective treatment for sore & tight muscles
Deeply moisturizes